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Securities filings and corporate research
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Whether looking for precedents, samples of recent contracts and agreements, monitoring company and insider activities, or simply performing business development tasks, Avantis helps you to be more productive.


With all the most recent financial reports filed in real-time, locating the best disclosure examples to assist clients has never been faster or easier. Stay on top of the latest best practices for disclosure and financial reporting


Access timely and unique insights into companies and markets that help you to drive more value to clients. Let Avantis do the heavy lifting so you can focus on providing the best service and advice possible.


Mine the latest disclosure filings for critical insights that will help you to make better investment decisions. Monitor company and insider activity with our powerful alerting features allowing you to respond quickly to valuable information.

Regulatory & Government

Ideal for regulators, government agencies and law enforcement looking to gain greater insights into the information disclosed by public companies and mutual funds. Avantis makes it possible to uncover the insights you are looking for.

Risk Management

Monitor your company, competitors and markets for newly released information that could impact the risk of your company. Avantis allows you to search or set alerts on insider activity as well as news and release of material information.

100's of applications

  • Corporate research
  • Reporting best practices
  • Precedent research
  • Business development
  • Themed equity research
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Competitive research
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Market surveillance
  • Risk monitoring
  • Investment research
  • + more...

Why Avantis?

More insights in less time

Time is money. Clients need the benefit of your knowledge, experience, and insights. They don’t need you to spend valuable time doing inefficient research.

Proactive alerting

Set it and forget it. Avantis will remind you as soon as anything needs your attention so you can keep your mind focused on what you do best.

Drive more value to clients

Avantis helps you work smarter, not harder. Spend more of your time in specialized analysis that is higher value to your clients.